EVS-EN ISO 9241-960:2017

Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 960: Framework and guidance for gesture interactions (ISO 9241-960:2017)

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Valid from 01.11.2017
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ISO 9241-960:2017; EN ISO 9241-960:2017
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ISO 9241-960:2017 gives guidance on the selection or creation of the gestures to be used in a gesture interface. It addresses the usability of gestures and provides information on their design, the design process and relevant parameters that are to be considered. In addition, it provides guidance on how gestures should be documented. This document is concerned with gestures expressed by a human and not with the system response generated when users are performing these gestures. NOTE 1 Specific gestures are standardized within ISO/IEC 14754 and the ISO/IEC 30113 series. NOTE 2 Input devices such as tablets or spatial gesture recognition devices can capture gestures in 2D or 3D. All human gestures are 3D.
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