EVS-EN ISO 9978:2022

Radiation protection - Sealed sources - Leakage test methods (ISO 9978:2020)

General information
Valid from 30.12.2022
Base Documents
ISO 9978:2020; EN ISO 9978:2022
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Standard history

This document specifies the different leakage test methods for sealed sources. It gives a comprehensive set of procedures using radioactive and non-radioactive means.
This document applies to the following situations:
—     leakage testing of test sources following design classification testing in accordance with ISO 2919[1];
—     production quality control testing of sealed sources;
—     periodic inspections of the sealed sources performed at regular intervals, during the working life.
Annex A of this document gives guidance to the user in the choice of the most suitable method(s) according to situation and source type.
It is recognized that there can be circumstances where special tests, not described in this document, are required.
It is emphasized, however, that insofar as production, use, storage and transport of sealed radioactive sources are concerned, compliance with this document is no substitute for complying with the requirements of the relevant IAEA regulations[17] and other relevant national regulations. It is also recognized that countries can enact statutory regulations which specify exemptions for tests, according to sealed source type, design, working environment, and activity (e.g., for very low activity reference sources where the total activity is less than the leakage test limit).
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