EVS-HD 60364-7-753:2015

Low-voltage electrical installations - Part 7-753: Requirements for special installations or locations - Heating cables and embedded heating systems

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Valid from 04.03.2015
Base Documents
IEC 60364-7-753:2014; HD 60364-7-753:2014; HD 60364-7-753:2014/AC:2014
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This part of IEC 60364 applies to embedded electric heating systems for surface heating. It also applies to electric heating systems for de-icing or frost prevention or similar applications. Both indoor and outdoor systems are covered. Heating systems for industrial and commercial applications complying with relevant parts of IEC 60519, IEC 62395 and IEC 60079 are not covered. NOTE Examples of heating systems covered by this standard are heating systems for walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, drainpipes, gutters, pipes, stairs, roadways, non-hardened compacted areas (e.g. football fields, lawns).
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