EVS-ISO 21246:2021

Information and documentation - Key indicators for museums (ISO 21246:2019, identical)

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Valid from 15.02.2021
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ISO 21246:2019
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This document specifies a set of key indicators for assessing the quality of museums: — for the purpose of strategic planning and internal management of museums; — for reporting to stakeholders such as funding institutions, policy makers, or the public; — to promote the museums’ role and value for learning and research, education and culture, social and economic life; — for comparing results over time and between museums. The aim of this document is to provide a selection of key indicators applicable to a wide range of museums. It is recognized that not all indicators are pertinent for each individual museum category or each individual museum. Limitations on the applicability of individual indicators are listed in the scope clause of the description of each indicator (see Annex A). This document is not intended to exclude the use of other indicators not specified in it.
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