IEC 60613:2010

Electrical and loading characteristics of X-ray tube assemblies for medical diagnosis

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Valid from 27.01.2010
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IEC 60613:2010 applies to X-ray tube assemblies either with a rotating anode X-ray tube or a stationary anode X-ray tube, intended for use in medical diagnosis. For an X-ray tube head, its X-ray tube assembly aspects are also within the scope. IEC 60613:2010 covers performance-related definitions and conditions of electrical and loading characteristics of X-ray tube assemblies in relation to their behaviour during and after energization and, where appropriate, methods of presentation and measurement of these characteristics. This International Standard is therefore relevant for the manufacturer and the responsible organization. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition of IEC 60613, published in 1989. It constitutes a technical revision. This third edition has been adapted to apply to the present technology.
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