ISO 105-D01:2010

Textiles -- Tests for colour fastness -- Part D01: Colour fastness to drycleaning using perchloroethylene solvent

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Valid from 15.04.2010
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ISO 105-D01:2010 specifies a method for determining the resistance of the colour of textiles of all kinds and in all forms to drycleaning using perchloroethylene solvent. This method is neither suitable for the evaluation of the durability of textile finishes, nor is it intended for use in evaluating the resistance of colours to spot and stain removal procedures used by the drycleaner. This test covers colour fastness to drycleaning only; commercial drycleaning practice normally involves other operations, such as water spotting, solvent spotting and steam pressing, etc., for which other standard test methods are available if the full response to drycleaning of a textile is to be assessed. The presence of absorbed water in drycleaning solvent, or the presence of a detergent and water in a drycleaning solvent, are known to alter the colour fastness properties of some materials. This test requires the assessment of the material under test in a dry state, using solvent alone, within containers that do not contain water. Fastness to drycleaning, without further qualification in ISO 105-D01:2010, means fastness to drycleaning in perchloroethylene. However, if required, other solvents that are used for textile cleaning can be used.
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