ISO 18933:2006

Imaging materials -- Magnetic tape -- Care and handling practices for extended usage

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Withdrawn from 11.05.2012
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ISO 18933:2006 concerns the care and handling of magnetic recording tape during use. It addresses the issues of physical integrity of the medium necessary to preserve access to the data (information) recorded on the tape. ISO 18933:2006 recommends handling procedures to maximize the effective life of magnetic tape. While some of the recommendations in ISO 18933:2006, such as staff training, apply specifically to large-scale or archival usage, the basics of all recommendations in this International Standard can and should be applied in all circumstances where the desired result is long-term usage of the medium whether archival, commercial or personal. ISO 18933:2006 addresses the following subjects: handling techniques, including common hazards and methods to mitigate those hazards;handling environments, including pollutants, temperature and humidity, lighting, magnetic fields and robotics;use of tape, including inspection, playback, mounting/loading and removing, winding speed, tension and robotic systems;cleaning and maintenance techniques, including contaminants, cleaning methods and frequency;transportation, both in-house and shipping outside the storage facility;disasters, including water, fire, construction and post-disaster procedures;staff training, including schedule for training and contents of the training programme;archival issues.
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