ISO 19453-6:2020

Road vehicles -- Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment for drive system of electric propulsion vehicles -- Part 6: Traction battery packs and systems

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Valid from 02.07.2020
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This document specifies requirements for lithium-ion traction battery packs or systems used in battery electric, hybrid electric and fuel cell electric road vehicles. This document describes the most relevant environmental stresses and specifies tests and test boundary conditions. This document establishes a classification of battery packs or systems and defines different stress levels for testing when a classification is applicable and required. The objective of this document is to specify standard test procedures and conditions to enable the observation of the reliability of the lithium-ion traction battery in the vehicle. This document specifies tests for a battery pack or system of voltage class A and B. This document provides the necessary information to set up a dedicated test plan for a battery pack or system subject to agreement between the customer and supplier. If required, the relevant test procedures and/or test conditions can also be selected from this document. NOTE This document only covers requirements and test conditions for a traction battery pack or system used in passenger cars.
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175.56 € incl tax
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