ISO/IEC 18013-3:2017

Information technology -- Personal identification -- ISO-compliant driving licence -- Part 3: Access control, authentication and integrity validation

General information
Valid from 04.04.2017
Directives or regulations
Standard history
ISO/IEC 18013 establishes guidelines for the design format and data content of an ISO-compliant driving licence (IDL) with regard to human-readable features (ISO/IEC 18013-1), machine-readable technologies (ISO/IEC 18013-2), and access control, authentication and integrity validation (ISO/IEC 18013-3). It creates a common basis for international use and mutual recognition of the IDL without impeding individual countries/states to apply their privacy rules and national/community/regional motor vehicle authorities in taking care of their specific needs. ISO 18013-3:2017 - is based on the machine-readable data content specified in ISO/IEC 18013-2; - specifies mechanisms and rules available to issuing authorities (IAs) for: - access control (i.e. limiting access to the machine-readable data recorded on the IDL), - document authentication (i.e. confirming that the document was issued by the claimed IA), and - data integrity validation (i.e. confirming that the data has not been changed since issuing). ISO 1813-3:2017 does not address issues related to the subsequent use of data obtained from the IDL, e.g. privacy issues.
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