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ISO/IEC/IEEE 24641:2023

Systems and Software engineering — Methods and tools for model-based systems and software engineering

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Valid from 16.05.2023
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This document deals with the tool capabilities and methods for model-based systems and software engineering (MBSSE). This document:
—    specifies a reference model for the overall structure and processes of MBSSE-specific processes, and describes how the components of the reference model fit together;
—    specifies interrelationships between the components of the reference model;
—    specifies MBSSE-specific processes for model-based systems and software engineering; the processes are described in terms of purpose, inputs, outcomes and tasks;
—    specifies methods to support the defined tasks of each process;
—    specifies tool capabilities to automate or semi-automate tasks or methods.
This document does not bring any additional life cycle processes for system and software but specifies an MBSSE reference model considered as activities, not only from the life cycle perspectives of systems engineering problem solving and the system-of-interest evolution, but also from the cognitive perspectives of modelling and model management, which can sustain and facilitate the system and software life cycle processes during digital transformation and in the digital age.
The processes defined in this document are applicable for a single project, as well as for an organization performing multiple projects or an enterprise. These processes are applicable for managing and performing the systems and software engineering activities based on models within any stage in the life cycle of a system-of-interest.

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