prEN 13481-5

Railway Applications - Track - Performance requirements for fastening systems - Part 5: Fastening systems for ballastless track

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prEN 13481-5
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This European Standard is applicable to fastening systems, in categories A –D as specified in EN 13481-1:2012, 3.1 for attaching rails to the uppermost surface of concrete or steel elements in ballastless tracks, including tracks on open deck bridges, and for embedded rails in ballastless tracks, for respective maximum axle loads and minimum curve radii in accordance with Table 1. The requirements apply to: - fastening systems which act on the foot and/or web of the rail including direct fastening systems and indirect fastening systems; - fastening systems for rail sections included in EN 13674-1 (excluding 49E4) or EN13674-4 This standard is not applicable to - fastening systems for other rail sections - fastening systems for use on wood or polymer composite sleepers used in ballastless track, performance requirements for which are included in EN13481-3 - rigid fastening systems This standard is not applicable to fastening systems for other rail sections, rigid fastening systems, special fastening systems used at bolted joints or glued joints or special low clamping force fastenings used to mitigate track-bridge interaction effects. This standard is for type approval of complete fastening systems. In track forms in which there are rail seat blocks or sleepers mounted in “boots” the concrete element and its resilient support are considered to be parts of the elastic fastening system. If the track form includes floating slabs, (i.e. resiliently supported concrete elements with more than one fastening per rail) those concrete elements and their resilient supports are considered to be parts of the ballastless track and not of the fastening system.
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