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prEN 16647-1

Alcohol powered flueless fireplaces – Safety requirements and test methods- Part 1: Manually operated decorative fireplaces for domestic use

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prEN 16647-1
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prEN 16647-1
This document applies only to decorative fireplaces that have been manufactured for domestic use, which produce a flame using liquid alcohol, hereafter referred to as fuel.
NOTE 1:  The requirements outlined in this document be applied even outside domestic settings. In that case additional or different rules on the use of the fireplaces may apply.
This document applies to free-standing, wall-mounted and built-in fireplaces.
This document applies to decorative fireplaces that require manual user interaction for ignition, filling, re-filling or extinguishing the fireplace.
NOTE 2: The fireplaces can contain some electric or electronic components.
This document applies to fireplaces ready for use, whose fuel box is of one unit or are an integral component of the fireplaces but not for fireplaces with a fuel tank separate from the fireplace.
This document does not apply to fireplaces specifically designed for heating food or keeping food warm (rechauds), nor does it apply to fireplaces for use in boats, caravans, other vehicles or outdoor areas.
This document does not apply to fireplaces with a power output higher than 4.5 kW or with a defined heating function.
NOTE 3:  National regulation can restrict the power output to less than 4,5 kW.
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