prEN 17658

Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics - Chemical textile disinfection for the domestic area - Test method and requirements (phase 2, step 2)

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prEN 17658
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This document specifies a test method and the minimum requirements for the microbicidal activity of a chemical product which intended use is the chemical treatment of textiles in domestic area in order to evaluate the hygiene performance of domestic laundry products within domestic washing machines at low temperatures (≤40°C). This procedure will not apply to certain types of laundry disinfection technologies which require specific devices (i.e active substances generated in situ through the use of specific devices). This method is not limited to certain types of textiles, types of products or steps in the washing cycle. This document can also apply to products that are used for chemical disinfection of textiles in food, industrial and institutional areas (e.g. food processing, shops, sport rooms, offices, hotels, workwear, foodstuff areas or similar institutions) but not when the disinfection is medical indicated (medical area). NOTE This method corresponds to a phase 2, step 2 test (see EN 14885). EN 14885 specifies in detail the relationship of the various tests to one another and to "use recommendations".
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