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prEN 18021

Sanitary tapware - Measurement of functional performance of taps and showers

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prEN 18021
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prEN 18021
This document acknowledges the field of application for taps, shower outlets, shower sets and shower systems used in water supply systems with a pressure range of (0,05 to 1,0) MPa (0,5 bar to 10 bar).
The tests described in this document are type tests (laboratory tests) and not quality control tests carried out during manufacture.
This document covers:
-  PN10 taps;
-  PN10 shower outlets;
-  PN10 shower sets;
-  PN10 shower systems.
Following products are excluded from this document:
-  shower taps on its own;
-  taps for filling bathtubs;
-  the tub filling function of combined taps;
-  the function of a tap that delivers e.g. boiling water or sparkling water, etc.;
-  electric showers;
-  body or side jet showers.
The conditions of use for taps and shower systems are given in Table 1. The conditions of use for showers sets and shower outlets are given in Table 2.
NOTE  Taps and shower systems for use at pressures lower than those in Table 1 are covered by in a separate standard.
Health and quality requirements in accordance to European and national legislation for final materials in contact with water intended for human consumption are not covered by this document.

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