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prEN 18034

Algae and algae products - Methods of sampling and analysis - Determination of chlorophyll a content

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prEN 18034
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prEN 18034
This document specifies a laboratory method for the determination of chlorophyll a content in algae. The method was initially tested and evaluated on the microalgae species Nannochloropsis and a heat treated algal product tomato soup with Nannochloropsis supplement, and the macro algae species Ulva sp, Furcellaria lumbricalis, and Saccharina latissima. During an Interlaboratory Trial the method was tested on the microalgae species Nannochloropsis and the macro algae species Saccharina latissima. The microalgae species Nannochloropsis and Phaodactlylum and the macro algae species Ulva sp and Saccharina latissima were tested in a Round Robin test. This document is only validated for chlorophyll a, but it can be used for other chlorophylls as well.
If possible, an attempt will be made to incorporate an alternative method than the HPLC method proposed into the standard (informative or normative), on the condition that research on the use of a cheaper method fits into the budget allocated for this topic. The more, it is imperative that this additional method should obtain comparable results and accuracy as the HPLC method.
The schedules of all the additional experiments mentioned are based on the schedule of the standard on chlorophyll.
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