prEN IEC 60352-9:2023

Solderless connections - Part 9: Ultrasonically welded connections - General requirements, test methods and practical guidance

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48B/3018/CDV; prEN IEC 60352-9:2023
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IEC 60352-9 that provides guidelines for welding and testing of ultrasonically welded connections.
This document covers the requirements for ultrasonically welded connections with wires made of copper or a copper alloy, as well as aluminium or aluminium alloy. These welded metal to metal connections should have a stranded wire cross-sectional area of 0,08 mm² to 160 mm² and not exceed a total cross-sectional area of 200 mm². For aluminium or aluminium alloys, the minimum required cross-sectional area is 2,5 mm². Additionally, information on materials, data from industrial experience and test procedures are included to ensure electrically stable connections under prescribed environmental conditions. Lastly, this document aims to achieve comparable results when using ultrasonic welding equipment with similar performance and specifications as the termination manufacturers.
NOTE – Figures in this document demonstrate possible solutions of ultrasonic connections (for example of rectangular shape), but not restricted to the solution displayed.
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18.30 € incl tax
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