prEN IEC 60974-1:2020

Arc welding equipment - Part 1: Welding power sources

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IEC 60974-1:202X; prEN IEC 60974-1:2020
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This part of IEC 60974 is applicable to power sources for arc welding and allied processes designed for INDUSTRIAL AND PROFESSIONAL USE, and supplied by a voltage not exceeding 1 000 V, BATTERY supplied or driven by mechanical means. This document specifies safety and performance requirements of WELDING POWER SOURCES and PLASMA CUTTING SYSTEMS. This document is not applicable to limited duty arc welding and cutting power sources which are designed mainly for use by laymen and designed in accordance with IEC 60974-6. This document includes requirements for battery-powered WELDING POWER SOURCES and BATTERY packs, which are given in Annex O. This document is not applicable to testing of power sources during periodic maintenance or after repair. NOTE 1 Typical allied processes are electric arc cutting and arc spraying. NOTE 2 AC systems having a nominal voltage between 100 V and 1 000 V are given in Table 1 of IEC 60038:2009. NOTE 3 This document does not include electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements.
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