prEN IEC 61968-9:2023

Application integration at electric utilities - System interfaces for distribution management - Part 9: Interfaces for meter reading and control

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57/2569/CDV; prEN IEC 61968-9:2023
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This part of IEC 61968 specifies the information content of a set of message types that can be used to support many of the business functions related to meter reading and control. Typical uses of the message types include meter reading, controls, events, customer data synchronization and customer switching. Although intended primarily for electrical distribution networks, IEC 61968-9 can be used for other metering applications, including non-electrical metered quantities necessary to support gas and water networks.
The purpose of this part of IEC 61968 is to define a standard for the integration of metering systems (MS), which includes traditional manual systems, and (one or two-way) automated meter reading (AMR) systems, and meter data management (MDM) systems with other enterprise systems and business functions within the scope of IEC 61968. The scope of this part of IEC 61968 is the exchange of information between metering systems, MDM systems and other systems within the utility enterprise. The specific details of communication protocols those systems employ are outside the scope of this International Standard. Instead, this International Standard will recognize and model the general capabilities that can be potentially provided by advanced and/or legacy meter infrastructures, including two-way communication capabilities such as load control, dynamic pricing, outage detection, distributed energy resource (DER) control signals and on-request read. In this way, this standard will not be impacted by the specification, development and/or deployment of next generation meter infrastructures either through the use of standards or proprietary means.
Figure 1 describes the scope of this part of IEC 61968 from the perspective of direct and causal or indirect impacts of IEC 61968-9 messages. Where the focus of IEC 61968-9 is to define standard messages for the integration of enterprise applications, these messages may be directly or indirectly related to information flows within a broader scope. Examples would include messaging between head end systems and meters or PAN devices. The various components described later in this document will typically fall into either the category of a metering system (MS) head end, an MDM or other enterprise application (e.g. OMS, DRMS, CIS).
The capabilities and information provided by a meter reading and meter data management systems are important for a variety of purposes, including (but not limited to) interval data, time-based demand data, time-based energy data (usage and production), outage management, service interruption, service restoration, quality of service monitoring, distribution network analysis, distribution planning, demand response, customer billing and work management. This standard also extends the CIM (Common Information Model) to support the exchange of meter data.
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