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prEN IEC 62309:2023

Dependability of products containing reused parts - Requirements for functionality and tests

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Base Documents
56/2002/CDV; prEN IEC 62309:2023
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prEN IEC 62309:2023
This International Standard introduces the concept to check the reliability and functionality of reused parts and their usage within new products. It also provides information and criteria about the assurance, for example, testing and analysis, required for products containing reused parts, which are declared "qualified-as-good-as-new" (QAGAN), relative to the designed life of the product.
This standard specifies requirements which shall be satisfied before making a declaration or applying a designation of QAGAN. The standard also gives guidance to support any organisation which makes declarations about dependability of products containing reused parts.
In this standard, the term "product" covers electrical, electro-mechanical, mechanical parts or hardware that may contain software. "Qualified-as-good-as-new" (QAGAN) does not apply to software products, concepts, and ideas.
This standard does not cover reused materials or large structures and large systems.
The purpose of this standard is to ensure by tests and analysis that the reliability and functionality of a new product containing reused parts is comparable to a product with only new parts. This would justify the manufacturer granting the next customer the full warranty of the product with "qualified-as-good-as-new" (QAGAN) parts.
NOTE This standard can also be applied in producing product specific standards by technical committees responsible for an application sector.
Annex A describes extending useful life by refurbishment, updating, upgrading, maintenance and used as second-hand. These concepts are defined and the requirements for using the term with reference to this standard are stated.

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