prEN ISO 12005

Lasers and laser-related equipment - Test methods for laser beam parameters - Polarization (ISO/DIS 12005:2021)

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ISO/DIS 12005; prEN ISO 12005
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This document specifies a method for determining the polarization status and, whenever possible, the degree of polarization of the beam from a continuous wave (cw) laser. It can also be applied to repetitively pulsed lasers, if their electric field vector orientation does not change from pulse to pulse. This document also specifies the method for determining the direction of the electric-field vector oscillation in the case of linearly polarized (completely or partially) laser beams. It is assumed that the laser radiation is quasimonochromatic and sufficiently stable for the purpose of the measurement. This document is applicable to radiation that has uniform polarization over its cross-sectional area. The knowledge of the polarization status can be very important for some applications of lasers with a high divergence angle, for instance when the beam of such a laser shall be coupled with polarization dependent devices (e.g. polarization maintaining fibres). This document also specifies a method for the determination of the state of polarization of highly divergent laser beams, as well as for the measurement of beams with large apertures.
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