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prEN ISO 20553

Radiation protection - Monitoring of workers occupationally exposed to a risk of internal contamination with radioactive material (ISO/DIS 20553:2023)

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prEN ISO 20553; ISO/DIS 20553:2023
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prEN ISO 20553
This document specifies the minimum requirements for the design of programmes to monitor workers exposed to the risk of internal contamination by radioactive substances and establishes principles for the development of compatible goals and requirements for monitoring programmes.
This document addresses the
a) purposes of monitoring and of monitoring programmes;
b) description of the different categories of monitoring programmes;
c) quantitative criteria for conducting monitoring programmes;
d) suitable methods for monitoring and criteria for their selection;
e) information that has to be collected for the design of a monitoring programme;
f) general requirements for monitoring programmes (e.g. detection limits, tolerated uncertainties);
g) frequencies of measurements calculated using the ICRP Occupational Intakes of Radionuclides (OIR) series;
h) special cases of individual monitoring (intake of actinides, contamination in wounds and on the skin);
i) quality assurance; and
j) documentation, reporting and record-keeping.
This document does not address
— the monitoring of exposure to radon and its radioactive decay products;
— detailed descriptions of measuring methods and techniques;
— detailed procedures for in vivo measurements and in vitro analyses;
— interpretation of measurements results in terms of dose;
— biokinetic data and mathematical models for converting measured activities into absorbed dose, equivalent dose and effective dose; or
— the investigation of the causes or implications of an exposure or intake.

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