prEN ISO 41015

Facility management - Influencing organizational behaviours for improved facility outcomes (ISO/DIS 41015:2022)

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ISO/DIS 41015; prEN ISO 41015
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See ISO/TC 267 N 199 which defines the scope as: " The standard will outline the ways in which behaviours of management and facility users can significantly influence an organization’s operational performance for better outcomes/outputs. It will draw on principles underlying existing standards covering, for example: • design for operability • sustainable use of materials • space utilization • lifecycle maintenance • procurement of services • environmental management • social responsibility • total cost of ownership • facility management It can be regarded as an example of emerging standards focusing on principles and values that allow organizations to succeed with their primary activities and which are also likely to stimulate changes in behaviour with regard to optimal operation of the facility. It takes, as its starting point, the need for thorough briefing of the design and construction team on operational performance requirements to influence positive outcomes of the design on people, place and process. Such performance requirements must be met while still delivering facilities that are safe, secure, efficient and effective and which satisfy the aspirations of the demand organization, facility users and society in general. The requirements, recommendations and guidance in this standard will be based on principles and evidence of appropriate practices in the operation and use of facilities. Collectively, they must demonstrate the impact of efficient operations to ensure they meet operational performance requirements and outcomes. Technical and commercial considerations, as well as cultural, social and psychological aspects, will be covered since there is a growing body of evidence that individuals’ attitudes affect environmentally-related expectations and behavior. Facility users and other stakeholders must be adept in achieving defined goals and in communicating outcomes and encouraging positive change. Out of Scope • Influencing behaviours that do not have an impact on or create a negative change on the operation of the facility would not be considered by this standard
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