prEN ISO 8253-3

Acoustics - Audiometric test methods - Part 3: Speech audiometry (ISO/DIS 8253-3:2020)

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ISO/DIS 8253-3; prEN ISO 8253-3
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This document specifies basic methods for speech recognition tests for audiological applications. NOTE Examples of speech materials are given in Annex A. In order to ensure minimum requirements of precision and comparability between different test procedures including speech recognition tests in different languages, this document specifies requirements for the composition, validation and evaluation of speech test materials, and the realization of speech recognition tests. This document does not specify the contents of the speech material because of the variety of languages. Furthermore, this document also specifies the determination of reference values and requirements for the realization and manner of presentation. In addition, there are features of speech tests described which are important to be specified, but which are not understood as a requirement. This document specifies procedures and requirements for speech audiometry with the recorded test material being presented by an audiometer through a transducer, e.g. an earphone, bone vibrator, or loudspeaker arrangement for sound field audiometry. Methods for using noise either for masking the non-test ear or as a competing sound are described. Some test subjects, for example children, can require modified test procedures not specified in this document. Specialized tests, such as those used for evaluating directional hearing and dichotic hearing, are outside the scope of this document.
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