CLC/TS 50131-5-1:2021

Alarm systems - Intrusion systems - Part 5-1: Interconnections - Requirements for wired Interconnection for I&HAS equipments located in supervised premises

Kehtiv alates 15.03.2021
CLC/TS 50131-5-1:2021
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This document applies to interconnections between intrusion and hold-up alarm system components using specific or non-specific wired interconnections (e.g. between SPT and CIE). The interconnected components are located within the supervised premises, or mounted on the outside of the supervised premises (e.g. external warning devices). This document does not apply to interconnections between components located within the same enclosure, or to interconnections between parts of an I&HAS component if covered by the relevant product standard. This document does not define the physical requirements of the interconnection media. This document is expected to be used in conjunction with the other parts of the EN 50131 series that define the functional requirements of the equipment regardless of the interconnection technique used. Where monitoring of the functionality of the interconnections is undertaken by an interconnected component, this is defined in the relevant product standard in the EN 50131 series. If a component standard indicates that an interconnection will be monitored, then this document determines the monitored conditions applicable to the interconnection. NOTE 1 For example, if there is no requirement in a detector standard to monitor a remote indication of detection input, this document does not apply to that particular interconnection. Requirements for the monitoring of the functionality of power connections between I&HAS components are defined in the relevant product standard and are not included within this document. This document defines the terms used in the field of intrusion and hold-up alarm equipment using such interconnections and includes the requirements relevant to the equipment interfaces. Wired interconnection media can include metallic single stranded insulated cable, metallic multi-stranded insulated cable, and fibre optic cable. These cables can comprise single or multiple cores. NOTE 2 Interconnections using RF techniques (i.e. wire free interconnections) are dealt with by EN 50131-5-3.
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