CWA 17028-102:2016

Business Interoperability Interfaces for Public Procurement in Europe - E-Catalogue - Part 102: Profile BII02 Catalogue Update

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CWA 17028-102:2016
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1.1  Introduction
This BII Profile 02 – Catalogue update describes electronic messages supporting the business processes for updating electronic catalogues on the customer's side. A catalogue contains specifications of products (goods and services) with their pricing. A catalogue is used to serve as a basis for ordering. This profile describes the process for sending an update message that can be applied to the catalogue implemented already on customer's side.
The key aspects covered by this profile are:
-  Updating catalogue already implemented in the ordering system of a customer

1.2  Goals
The main business benefits to be gained by implementing this profile are:
ID  Description
G02-001  Support an efficient maintenance of information, specifically for large catalogues.
G02-002  On the Customer's side, allowing a quick and easy comparison of different items, and between different Suppliers' catalogue items (when implemented with several Suppliers).
G02-003  Simple storage and automated maintenance of item information on the Customer's side.
G02-004  Correct identification and pricing of items in the ordering process (reduced errors).
G02-005  Enable Suppliers to provide tailored item and price information.

1.3  Business environment
This profile is intended to ease the synchronization of a catalogue between the selling and the buying side, in particular to provide light-weighted transaction to update parts (existing items and item prices) of the catalogue. In this profile the selling side can be any Economic Operator and the buying side any Contracting Authority. So intended scope for this profile includes are B2G relationships.
The transactions, specified in this profile are intended to be exchanged between the procurement systems of contracting authorities and systems for catalogue management of economic operators. This means that it is expected that the parties have connected their systems to the internet, and that they have middleware in place to enable them to send and receive the transactions in a secure way, using an agreed syntax.
In this profile, only existing items in the catalogue at the customer's side can be updated. For adding new items or removing items, the profile BII01 Catalogue Only must be used. To suspend completely the usage of a catalogue the profile BII16 Catalogue Deletion must be used.
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