CWA 18016:2023

Age appropriate digital services framework

Kehtiv alates 15.09.2023
CWA 18016:2023
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This specification establishes a set of processes for developing age appropriate digital services for situations where users are children. The specification has the following features:
a) Recognition that the user may be a child
b) Consideration for the evolving capacities of the child
c) Upholds the rights of children
d) Offers terms appropriate to children
e) Presents information in an age appropriate way
f) Offers a level of validation for service design decisions
This specification provides a specific impact rating system and evaluation criteria and explains how vendors, and public institutions used by children such as in the education, health, social welfare, and criminal justice sectors can meet the criteria.
This specification sets normative requirements for published terms, design, and delivery that can uphold children’s rights and promote their well-being.
Data privacy and security are complex and highly regulated areas of law, particularly as related to children and young people. The relevant legal definitions and requirements are rapidly evolving, and may vary at the local, state, national, and regional level. It is also important to have regard for national and regional human rights laws which also apply to children, such as the European Convention on Human Rights and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights applying the child’s best interests as a primary consideration in all matters that affect them. No specification can provide unconditional consistency with all such laws and regulations. Users of this specification are responsible for referring to and observing all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and should refer questions of compliance to competent legal counsel with expertise in the relevant jurisdiction.
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