EVS-EN 13000:2010+A1:2014

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EN 13000:2010+A1:2014
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53.020.20 Kraanad
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2006/42/EC Masinad
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prEN 13000
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This European Standard is applicable to the design, construction, installation of safety devices, information for use, maintenance and testing of mobile cranes as defined in ISO 4306 2. Examples of mobile crane types are given in Annex A. This European Standard does not apply to: - loader cranes (see EN 12999) - off-shore cranes (see EN 13852 1) - floating cranes (see EN 13852 2) - variable reach truck (see EN 1459) NOTE 1 Variable Reach Trucks are commonly known as telehandlers. - mobile self-erecting tower cranes - earth-moving machinery used for object handling (see EN 474-series). This standard does not cover hazards related to the lifting of persons. NOTE 2 The use of mobile cranes for the lifting of persons is subject to specific national regulations. Mobile cranes covered by this European Standard are designed for a limited number of stress cycles and particular properties of motions, e.g. smooth application of the driving forces and loading conditions according to ISO 4301 2:1985, group A1. For a duty cycle such as grab, magnet or similar work, additional provisions are required which are outside the scope of this European Standard. The hazards covered by this European Standard are identified by Annex C. This document is not applicable to mobile cranes which are manufactured before the date of publication of this document by CEN.
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