EVS-EN 13022-1:2006+A1:2010

Glass in building - Structural sealant glazing - Part 1: Glass products for structural sealant glazing systems for supported and unsupported monolithic and multiple glazing CONSOLIDATED TEXT

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EN 13022-1:2006+A1:2010
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EVS-EN 13022-1:2006
This European Standard specifies requirements for the suitability for use of supported and unsupported glass products for use in “Structural Sealant Glazing” (SSG) applications. Four schematic drawings of SSG systems are shown in Figure 1 and three section drawings of an SSG type II system are shown in Figure 2 for illustration purposes. This European Standard on glass products is considered as a supplement to the requirements specified in the corresponding standards with regard to verifying the suitability for use in SSG systems. Only soda lime silicate glasses are taken into consideration in this European Standard. Plastic glazing is excluded from the scope of this European Standard. Any glass products meeting the requirements of this European Standard are suitable for use in SSG systems as defined in ETAG 0021) “Structural sealant glazing system”. All glass products are installed and bonded into the support under controlled environmental conditions as described in Clause 5 of EN 13022-2:2006. When the outer seal of the insulating glass unit has a structural function and/or is exposed to UV radiation without any protection, only silicone based sealant are permitted in the construction of the unit.
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EVS-EN 13022-2:2006+A1:2010

Glass in building - Structural sealant glazing - Part 2: Assembly rules CONSOLIDATED TEXT
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EVS-EN 15434:2006+A1:2010

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