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EVS-EN 14025:2013+A1:2016

Tanks for the transport of dangerous goods - Metallic pressure tanks - Design and construction


Kehtetu alates 01.08.2018
EN 14025:2013+A1:2016
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EVS-EN 14025:2013+A1:2016
EVS-EN 14025:2013
This European Standard specifies the minimum requirements for the design and construction of metallic pressure tanks having a maximum working or test pressure exceeding 50 kPa (0,5 bar), for the transport of dangerous goods by road and rail and sea. This European Standard includes requirements for openings,closures and structural equipment; it does not cover requirements of service equipment. For tanks for the
transport of cryogenic liquids, EN 13530-1 and EN 13530-2 apply.
NOTE 1 Design and construction of pressure tanks according to the scope of this European Standard are primarily subject to the requirements of RID/ADR,, and 6.8.5, as relevant. In addition, the relevant requirements of RID/ADR, columns 12 and 13 of Table A to chapter 3.2, 4.3 and apply. For the structural equipment subsections and apply, as relevant. The definitions of RID/ADR 1.2.1 are referred to. For portable tanks see also Chapter 4.2 and Sections 6.7.2 and 6.7.3 of RID and ADR. In addition, the relevant requirements of RID/ADR, columns 10 and 11 of Table A to Chapter 3.2, 4.2, 6.7.2 and 6.7.3 apply. The paragraph numbers above relate to the 2013 issue of RID/ADR which are subject to regular revisions. This can lead to temporary non-compliances with EN 14025. It is
important to know that requirements of RID/ADR take precedence over any clause of this standard.
NOTE 2 This standard is applicable to liquefied gases including LPG, however for a dedicated LPG standard see EN 12493.
If not otherwise specified, provisions which take up the whole width of the page apply to all kind of tanks.
Provisions contained in a single column apply only to:
road and rail pressure tanks according to RID/ADR chapter 6.8 (left-hand column); ortable tanks according to RID/ADR chapter 6.7 right-hand column

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