EVS-EN 15528:2021

Raudteealased rakendused. Raudteeveeremi teljekoormust ja infrastruktuuri ühilduvust reguleerivad raudteelõikude kategooriad

Kehtiv alates 15.12.2021
EN 15528:2021
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This document is applicable to the lines with standard track gauge (1435 mm) and wider track gauges of the heavy rail system and the vehicles that are operated on these lines. This includes machines used for construction, maintenance, inspection, repair and renewal when they are operated in running mode, but not, when they are in working or travelling mode. This document specifies methods of classification of existing and new lines of the heavy rail system and the categorization of rail vehicles. This document gives guidance to a reliable and established management of the interface between rail vehicles and the heavy rail network and does not impose any requirements on either vehicles or infrastructure. The application of this document enables to ensure the static route compatibility between a rail vehicle and the heavy rail network with respect to the vertical load carrying capacity. It contains requirements relevant to: — classification of the vertical load carrying capacity of lines of the heavy rail network; — allocation of rail vehicles to line categories (categorization); — determination of payload limits of freight wagons. This document does not apply to: — assessments of compatibility based on the parameter axle load alone; — compatibility checks for cases where an additional dynamic analysis is required (for example according to EN 1991-2); — requirements relating to the maximum total mass or maximum length of a train; — the system used in Great Britain, where all lines and vehicles are classified in accordance with the RA (Route Availability) System. A guide to the equivalent line categories in accordance with this European Standard is given in Annex F; — the publication of line categories. The requirements of this document do not replace any regulations related to running behaviour of vehicles described by the assessment quantities for running safety, track loading and ride characteristics (see EN 14363).
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