EVS-EN 16230-1:2013

Hobikardid. Osa 1: Kartide ohutusnõuded ja katsemeetodid

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EN 16230-1:2013
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This European standard is applicable for karts, according to 3.1, that are not intended to be used on public roads. This European standard applies to: - leisure karts only, - karts propelled by a combustion engine, including LPG combustion engines, - karts used on indoor and outdoor tracks, permanent or temporary, - karts used on supervised tracks designed for leisure karting, with a sealed ground (such as asphalt, concrete, ice or snow). This European Standard does not apply to: - karts used for competition organised by and under the responsibility of the CIK-FIA and/or ASN, ensuring through the granting of licenses by an ASN or one of its affiliated members as defined in the International Sporting code, compliance with the safety, sporting, disciplinary and technical rules of the CIAK-FIA and/ or ASN, - karts designed exclusively for competition and toys, - cross country karts, - karts with two or more seats, - karts used on tracks not mentioned above (such as mud, earth), - karts used in amusement parks. The requirements related to the hazards of electrical propulsion are not covered in this European Standard. The requirements related to whole-body vibration are not covered in this European Standard. This European Standard specifies appropriate measures to eliminate or reduce the risks arising from significant hazards, hazardous situations and events (see Clause 6) during operation and maintenance of the karts, when carried out as intended by the manufacturer. Safety in karting activities is dependent on a correct interaction between leisure karts and the track equipment and facilities. General recommendations for tracks to be used for leisure karting are included in this part of the standard. This document is not applicable to karts that are manufactured before the date of publication of this European Standard by CEN. NOTE Specific requirements for tracks design and operation will be included in a future Part 2 of this standard.
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