EVS-EN 17468-1:2022

Fibre cement products - Determination of pull through and shear resistance and bending strength calculations - Part 1: Flat sheets

Kehtiv alates 17.05.2022
EN 17468-1:2022
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The document establishes an agreed method for evaluation of pull through resistance (tension/compression for fasteners through the sheets), shear resistance, bending strength and bending modulus of elasticity and suggests an approved safety concept of fibre-cement flat sheets for internal and external wall and ceiling finishes based on the experiences obtained over the last number of years in different countries. The results are only applicable to the fibre-cement product and not to the complete fixing assembly. NOTE 1 For design purposes of fibre-cement flat sheets in the final application, the failure modes pull-out and breaking of the fixing or substructure are not in the scope of this standard. They might become decisive and need to be tested or calculated according to the relevant design standards for fixings (e.g. EN 14592) or ETA and substructure (e.g. Eurocode 3 for steel, Eurocode 5 for wood and Eurocode 9 for aluminium substructures) and compared with the results for pull-through and shear resistance. The results are also applicable for: — Coated or uncoated sheets manufactured at the same production facility as the tested sheets provided that the sheets are of the same type, have at least the same declared class according to EN 12467:2012+A2:2018, Table 6 and at least the same nominal thickness. — The test method can be applied to textured or non-textured fibre-cement flat sheets. The results of non-textured sheets are only applicable for textured sheets if the nominal minimum thickness of the textured sheet is at least the nominal thickness of the non-textured sheet. — The same type of fixing head or washer assembly where applicable if the diameter of the fixing head or washer is 0 mm to 2 mm larger than in the test. — The Shore A hardness of the sealing washer, where applicable, is ± 5 that of the washer used in the test, given that the washer thickness is at least as thick, the washer material at least as strong and the shape (dome or flat) of the washer equal to what has been tested. NOTE 2 A) For pull-through resistance, if the diameter of the drilled hole through the fibre-cement sheet is 0 mm to 2 mm smaller or equal than in the test up to the diameter of the shank of the fastener, providing, during the test there is the required clearance hole around the shank of the fastener. B) For shear resistance, if the diameter of the drilled hole is equal to what has been tested. It applies only to products as delivered.
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