EVS-EN 50518:2019+A1:2023

Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre

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EN 50518:2019; EN 50518:2019/A1:2023
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This document specifies the minimum requirements for monitoring, receiving and processing of alarm messages generated by alarm systems taking place as a part of the total fire, safety and security solution.
For the purpose of this document, the term “alarm” is used in the broad sense to include fault, status and other messages received from one or more of a range of safety and security alarm systems such as but not limited to fire detection and fire alarm systems, fixed firefighting systems, intrusion and hold-up alarm systems, access control systems, video surveillance systems, social alarms systems and combinations of such systems.
This document gives requirements for two categories of ARC, category I and category II. A category I ARC will be designed, constructed and operated to a higher standard with respect to construction, security and integrity than a category II ARC.
The categorization is determined according to the type(s) of alarm messages handled.
Category I: ARCs handling messages from security applications:
—  I&HAS’s;
—  access control systems;
—  VSS in security applications that require an emergency response (for example loss prevention);
—  people monitoring, lone workers and object tracking systems for security applications;
—  alarm messages handled by category II ARCs;
—  combinations of the above systems.
Category II: ARC’s handling messages from non-security applications:
—  fire alarm systems;
—  fixed firefighting systems;
—  social alarm systems;
—  audio/video door entry systems;
—  VSS in non-security applications (for example traffic flow);
—  people monitoring, lone workers and object tracking systems for non-security applications;
—  lifts emergency systems;
—  combinations of the above systems.
The requirements apply to ARC’s (whether established in single or multiple sites) monitoring and processing alarms generated by systems installed at other locations and also to ARC’s monitoring solely alarms from systems within their own site.
The document includes functional and specific requirements supporting the services of an ARC.
The document does NOT apply to:
—  alarm systems used for non-civil purposes;
—  alarm systems for medical or health applications.
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