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EVS-EN 50723:2023

Measurement method for assessing the compatibility of induction hob and cookware


Kehtiv alates 01.09.2023
EN 50723:2023
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This document describes a method which determines the electrical parameters for compatibility of cookware and induction hobs for household use. Cookware is an integral part of the cooking system; electrical parameters can affect the cooking process regarding the required power setting, speed of heating up, sufficient power for different cooking processes etc.
For determining the compatibility of a cookware to an induction cooking zone and cooking area, a measurement device and a measurement procedure is specified in this document. It allows measuring the resistivity and/or impedance of the cookware under test (CUT) in a repeatable and reproducible way. The measured electric properties indicate the compatibility characteristics of a cookware on an induction cooking zones and cooking area.
For determination the compatibility of an induction cooking zone or cooking area with a cookware, this document describes the measurement how to determine the power generated by the cooking zone under test (ZUT) in combination with the selected cookware.
NOTE 1  For definitions of induction hob, induction cooking zone and cooking area EN 60350-2 is relevant.
Further performance characteristics of hobs which are of interest to the user, like energy consumption, heating up time or heat distribution are not addressed. This document does not deal with safety requirements.
NOTE 2  Further performance characteristics for hobs are covered in EN 60350-2.
NOTE 3  Further performance characteristics for cookware are covered in EN 12983-1 and EN 12983-2.
NOTE 4  Safety requirements are covered in IEC 60335-2-6 and IEC 60335-2-9.
Appliances covered by this document can be built-in or portable induction hobs. The hob can also be a part of a cooking range.

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