EVS-EN 60146-1-1:2010

Semiconductor converters - General requirements and line commutated converters - Part 1-1: Specification of basic requirements

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IEC 60146-1-1:2009; EN 60146-1-1:2010
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This International Standard specifies the requirements for the performance of all semiconductor power converters and semiconductor power switches using controllable and/or non-controllable electronic valve devices. The electronic valve devices mainly comprise semiconductor devices, either not controllable (i.e. rectifier diodes) or controllable (i.e. thyristors, triacs, turn-off thyristors and power transistors). The controllable devices may be reverse blocking or reverse conducting and controlled by means of current, voltage or light. Non-bistable devices are assumed to be operated in the switched mode. This standard is primarily intended to specify the basic requirements for converters in general and the requirements applicable to line commutated converters for conversion of a.c. power to d.c. power or vice versa. Parts of this standard are also applicable to other types of electronic power converter provided that they do not have their own product standards. These specific equipment requirements are applicable to semiconductor power converters that either implement power conversion or use commutation (for example semiconductor self-commutated converters) or involve particular applications (for example semiconductor converters for d.c. motor drives) or include a combination of said characteristics (for example direct d.c. converters for electric rolling stock). This standard is applicable to all power converters not covered by a dedicated product standard, or if special features are not covered by the dedicated product standard. Dedicated product standards for power converters should refer to this International Standard.
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