EVS-EN 61786-1:2014

Measurement of DC magnetic, AC magnetic and AC electric fields from 1 Hz to 100 kHz with regard to exposure of human beings -- Part 1: Requirements for measuring instruments

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IEC 61786-1:2013; EN 61786-1:2014
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IEC 61786-1:2013 provides guidance for measuring instruments used to measure the field strength of quasi-static magnetic and electric fields that have a frequency content in the range 1 Hz to 100 kHz and with DC magnetic fields to evaluate the exposure levels of the human body to these fields. Sources of fields include devices that operate at power frequencies and produce power frequency and power frequency harmonic fields, as well as devices that produce fields within the frequency range of this document, including devices that produce static fields, and the earth's static magnetic field. The magnitude ranges covered by this standard are 0,1 μT to 200 mT in AC (1 μT to 10 T in DC) and 1 V/m to 50 kV/m for magnetic fields and electric fields, respectively. When measurements outside this range are performed, most of the provisions of this standard will still apply, but special attention should be paid to specified uncertainty and calibration procedures. The first editions of IEC 61786-1 and IEC 61786-2 replace IEC 61786:1998. Part 1 deals with measuring instruments, and Part 2 deals with measurement procedures. The content of the standard was revised in order to give up-to-date and practical information to the user.
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