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Fotoelektrilised genereerimissüsteemid. Elektriliste muundurseadmete elektromagnetilise ühilduvuse nõuded ja katsetusmeetodid

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IEC 62920:2017; EN 62920:2017; EN 62920:2017/A11:2020; IEC 62920:2017/A1:2021; EN 62920:2017/A1:2021
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This document specifies electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for power conversion equipment (PCE) (e.g. DC to DC, DC to AC and AC to DC) for use in photovoltaic (PV) power systems with or without DC-coupled electrical energy storage devices. The PCE covered by this document can be grid-interactive, which is termed as a grid connected power converter (GCPC), or stand-alone. It can be supplied by single or multiple photovoltaic modules grouped in various array configurations, and can be intended for use in conjunction with batteries or other forms of energy storage. NOTE A micro inverter is an example of a GCPC supplied by a single photovoltaic module. This document covers not only PCE connected to a public low voltage AC mains network or other low voltage AC mains installation, but also PCE connected to a medium or high voltage AC network with or without step-down power transformers. Requirements for the PCE connected to a medium or high voltage AC network are specified in this document. However, some requirements relevant to grid interconnection are addressed with other standards specifying power quality or their own grid codes in some countries. NOTE DC/DC converters used for PV systems are not yet covered in this document. They can cause electromagnetic interference due to conducted disturbances at DC ports. PCE is assessed with EMC requirements as a type test at a test site. This document provides test methods and test conditions for PCE as well as emission and immunity requirements, but not for photovoltaic modules and other balance of system components. When compliance with EMC requirements at the test site cannot be shown due to technical reasons of the test site, PCE can be assessed in situ, such as at the manufacturer’s premises or in the field where the PCE is assembled into a PV power system. However, only high frequency emission requirements for in situ assessment are specified in CISPR 11.
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