EVS-EN IEC 61010-2-033:2021/A11:2021

Ohutusnõuded elektrilistele mõõtmis-, juhtimis- ja laboratooriumiseadmetele. Osa 2-033: Erinõuded kodu- ja professionaalkasutuseks sobivatele käeshoitavatele mitmepiirkonnalistele mõõteriistadele ja muudele mõõteriistadele, mis võimaldavad mõõta võrgupinget

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EN IEC 61010-2-033:2021/A11:2021
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2014/35/EU Madalpinge
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This document applies to electrical equipment using signals in the frequency range 3 kHz to 95 kHz to transmit or receive information on low voltage electrical systems, for electricity suppliers and distributors. In the case of equipment which includes functions other than the transmission or reception of information on LV distribution networks or installations of network users connected to the public electricity distribution network, this document applies only to that part of the equipment intended for such transmission or reception of information. Other parts of the equipment are expected to comply with the immunity standard or standards relevant to the functions of those other parts. The object of this document is to contribute to ensuring EMC in general. It specifies essential immunity requirements and test methods, including those tests which are to be performed during type-testing of MCE, for electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated on LV installations. It defines the methods and requirements for testing immunity concerning the basic function of an MCE, in relation to continuous and transient disturbances, both conducted and radiated, and electrostatic discharges. Test requirements are specified for each port considered. Furthermore it provides guidelines for the assessment of the performance of the communication function of an MCE. Normative specifications are under consideration. This document gives limits which are applicable to MCE used by electricity suppliers and distributors (e.g. DSOs) for purposes like energy management and network monitoring and automation. The levels do not however cover extreme cases which could occur in any location but with a low probability of occurrence. In special cases situations will arise where the level of disturbances could exceed the levels specified in this document, e.g. where a hand-held transmitter is used in proximity of an apparatus. In these instances special mitigation measures might have to be employed. It does not specify immunity between MCE operating in the same nominal frequency band or immunity to signals originating from power line carrier systems operating on high or medium-voltage networks. Safety considerations are not included in this document.
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