EVS-EN ISO 19905-1:2012

Petroleum and natural gas industries - Site-specific assessment of mobile offshore units - Part 1: Jack-ups (ISO 19905-1:2012)

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ISO 19905-1:2012; EN ISO 19905-1:2012
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This part of ISO 19905 specifies requirements and guidance for the site-specific assessment of independent leg jack-up units for use in the petroleum and natural gas industries. It addresses a) manned non-evacuated, manned evacuated and unmanned jack-ups; b) the installed phase at a specific site. To ensure acceptable reliability, the provisions of this part of ISO 19905 form an integrated approach, which is used in its entirety for the site-specific assessment of a jack-up. This part of ISO 19905 does not apply specifically to mobile offshore drilling units operating in regions subject to sea ice and icebergs. When assessing a jack-up operating in such areas, it is intended that the assessor supplement the provisions of this part of ISO 19905 with the provisions relating to ice actions and procedures for ice management contained in ISO 19906. This part of ISO 19905 does not address design, transportation to and from site, or installation and removal from site. However, it is advisable that the assumptions used in the assessment be checked against the as-installed configuration. To ensure that the design of the jack-up is sound and the structure is adequately maintained, this part of ISO 19905 is applicable only to independent leg jack-ups that either - hold a valid classification society certification from a recognized classification society (RCS) throughout the duration of the operation at the specific site subject to assessment; or - have been verified by an independent competent body to be structurally fit for purpose for elevated situations and are subject to periodic inspection, both to the standards of an RCS.
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