EVS-EN ISO 24501:2011

Ergonomics - Accessible design - Sound pressure levels of auditory signals for consumer products (ISO 24501:2010)

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ISO 24501:2010; EN ISO 24501:2010
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This International Standard specifies methods for determining the sound pressure level range of auditory signals so that the users of consumer products, including people with age-related hearing loss, can hear the signal properly in the presence of interfering sounds. Auditory signals, in this International Standard, refer to sounds with a fixed frequency (also called beep sounds) and do not include variable frequency sounds, melodic sounds, or voice guides. This International Standard is applicable to auditory signals which are heard at an approximate maximum distance of 4 m from the product, as long as no physical barrier exists between the product and the user. It is not applicable to auditory signals heard through a head receiver or earphones, or to those heard with the ear located very near to the sound source because of the interference of the head with sound propagation. This International Standard does not specify the sound pressure level of auditory signals regulated by other statutes, such as those for fire alarms, gas leakages and crime prevention, nor does it specify auditory signals particular to a communication tool such as telephones. This International Standard does not specify auditory danger signals for public or work areas which are covered in ISO 7731, ISO 8201, and ISO 11429.
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