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EVS-EN ISO 25745-1:2023

Energy performance of lifts, escalators and moving walks - Part 1: Energy measurement and verification (ISO 25745-1:2023)


Kehtiv alates 15.08.2023
ISO 25745-1:2023; EN ISO 25745-1:2023
Tegevusala (ICS grupid)
91.140.90 Liftid. Eskalaatorid
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This document specifies:
a)       methods of measuring actual energy consumption of lifts, escalators and moving walks on a single unit basis;
b)       methods of carrying out periodic energy verification checks on lifts, escalators and moving walks in operation.
This document only considers the energy performance during the operational portion of the life cycle of the lifts, escalators or moving walks.
For lifts, this document does not cover energy aspects, such as:
a)       hoistway lighting;
b)       heating and cooling equipment, including fans in the lift car;
c)        machine room lighting;
d)       machine room heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
e)       non-lift, display systems, closed circuit television security cameras, etc.;
f)         non-lift, monitoring systems (building management systems, etc.);
g)       the effect of lift group dispatching on energy consumption;
h)       non-lift equipment consumption through the power sockets;
i)         energy storage systems if used as an alternative energy source for operation.
For escalators and moving walks, this document does not cover energy aspects of the ancillary equipment, such as:
a)       lighting with the exception of comb plate lighting and step gap lighting and traffic light;
b)       cooling and heating;
c)        alarm devices and emergency battery supplies equipment, etc.

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