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EVS-EN ISO/ASTM 52945:2024

Additive manufacturing for automotive - Qualification principles - Generic machine evaluation and specification of key performance indicators for PBF-LB/M processes (ISO/ASTM 52945:2023)


Kehtiv alates 17.01.2024
ISO/ASTM 52945:2023; EN ISO/ASTM 52945:2024
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25.030 Kihtlisandustootmine
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This document specifies the methodology for generic AM-machine evaluation in automotive environment using objective test criteria and provides the framework for an objective AM-machine evaluation and comparison. This document finds application in benchmarks, in the preparation of purchase decisions, but also in AM-machine evaluation within the machine procurement, acceptance, and qualification processes. This document is specific to automotive, as it is related to existing series part requirements of various original equipment manufacturers, but the content can be transferred to other industries if necessary.
Furthermore, this document specifies machine KPIs in the context of machine procurement, production planning and production of PBF-LB/M components. It aims to reach a detailed understanding between machine supplier and machine user with respect to the acceptance criteria during the procurement process and evaluation of machine performance during running production. For using this document, all process parameters, such as scanning speed, laser power, etc., are fixed, since changing these parameters can affect the entire process performance and its stability. Therefore, variables are not changed any more during or after qualification. This document and the determination of the KPIs help in the evaluation of machine properties, but do not replace an application-specific approval process.
This document is applicable to the additive manufacturing technology PBF-LB/M.

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