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IEC 60115-2-10:2023

Fixed resistors for use in electronic equipment - Part 2-10: Blank detail specification: Low-power film resistors with leads for through-hole assembly on circuit boards (THT), for general electronic equipment, classification level G


Kehtiv alates 15.02.2023
Tegevusala (ICS grupid)
31.040.10 Püsitakistid
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IEC 60115-2-10:2023(E) is a detail specification which specifies the characteristics and ratings of low-power film resistors with leads for use in electronic equipment, which are typically assembled in through-hole technology (THT) on circuit boards. This detail specification establishes test schedules and performance requirements permitting the quality assessment of the resistors covered herein according to the quality assessment procedures specified by IEC 60115-1:2020, Annex Q.
This first edition cancels and replaces IEC 60115-2-1:1982. This edition constitutes a technical revision.
This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
-  it employs the product classification based on application requirements as defined in the generic specification IEC 60115‑1:2020;
-  it permits the specification of additional dimensional requirements concerning the eccentricity of termination wires and the coating extending onto wires;
-  it provides for a tabulated presentation of resistance ranges in relationship to the temperature coefficient and the tolerance;
-  it supports solderability testing for both traditional lead-bearing soldering and up-to-date lead-free soldering, as required;
-  it introduces a test for the specimens’ robustness to electrostatic discharge;
-  it introduces a test for the specimens’ resistance to solvents;
-  it introduces a test for the flammability of the specimens;
-  it employs consistent stability requirements grouped in stability classes;
-  it supports the provision of detailed visual acceptance criteria;
-  it includes the requirement for a visual examination of the primary and proximity packaging;
-  it provides the correlated test schedules for a qualification approval and for subsequent quality conformance inspections side by side;
-  it employs quality assessment procedures which meet the requirements of a zero-defect approach, which evades the use of historic AQL levels and the permission of non-conforming specimens in test groups;
-  it provides for the inclusion of specific visual acceptance criteria, to be applied in addition to those given in Annex B of the sectional specification IEC 60115-2:2023;
-  it provides for the optional coverage of 0 Ω resistors (jumpers) within the scope of the drafted detail specification;
-  furthermore, it employs a new document structure, for which a transition guidance is provided in Annex X.

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