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IEC 61462:2023

Composite hollow insulators - Pressurized and unpressurized insulators for use in electrical equipment with AC rated voltage greater than 1 000 V AC and D.C. voltage greater than 1500V - Definitions, test methods, acceptance criteria and design recommendations


Kehtiv alates 06.09.2023
Tegevusala (ICS grupid)
29.080.10 Isolaatorid
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IEC 61462:2023 applies to composite hollow insulators consisting of a load-bearing insulating tube made of resin-impregnated fibres, a housing (outside the insulating tube) made of elastomeric material (for example silicone or ethylene-propylene) and metal fixing devices at the ends of the insulating tube (see Figure D.1 and Figure D.2 for examples). The object of this document is to define the terms used, to specify test methods; and to specify acceptance criteria. This document distinguishes between design tests and type tests because several general characteristics of a specific design and specific combinations of materials do not vary for different insulator types. This new edition cancels and replaces the previous edition published in 2007. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
a) modifications of terms and definitions;
b) modifications of tests procedures included in IEC TR 62039 and IEC 62217 (Hydrophobicity transfer test; Water diffusion test on the core with housing);
c) modification of Clause 8 (type tests) to reflect common practice and to also consider tapered (conical) insulators;
modification of order of the stages of mechanical sample test (9.4) by setting the tightness test as last stage;
d) harmonization of Table 3 (Tests to be carried out after design changes) with other product standards;
e) addition of a new informative Annex D: Principle sketch of hollow insulators design assembly;
f) addition of a new informative Annex E: Type tests on tapered (conical) insulators.

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