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IEC 63171-7:2023

Connectors for electrical and electronic equipment - Part 7: Detail specification for up to 7 ways including PE or FE (data/power) and shield pin, free and fixed circular connectors for balanced single-pair data transmission with current-carrying capacity - Mechanical mating information, pin assignment and additional requirements for type 7


Kehtiv alates 23.05.2023
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IEC 63171-7:2023 covers shielded free and fixed circular connectors with 4 ways up to 7 ways for power and data transmission and specifies the common dimensions, mechanical, electrical and transmission characteristics and environmental requirements as well as test specifications respectively.
The connectors described in this document are either equipped with an M12 screw-locking mechanism (styles with M12 in the name) or a quick-locking push-pull mechanism with a size derived from that (styles with P12 in the name) or both mechanisms combined (styles with C12 in the name). For the sake of simplicity, the connectors' size is denoted as "size 12" in this document.
This document provides multiple mating interfaces each of which is associated with a coding preventing the mating of incompatible male and female connectors. These codings are referred to as "Type x", where "x" is represented by a Roman numeral.
For all codings, two ways and the additional shield pin, which is intended to be connected to the cable screen, support differential data transmission with frequencies up to 600 MHz by meeting the requirements of Category B, as defined in IEC 63171.

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