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IEC TR 61191-9:2023

Printed board assemblies - Part 9: Electrochemical reliability and ionic contamination on printed circuit board assemblies for use in automotive applications - Best practices


Kehtiv alates 07.06.2023
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IEC TR 61191-9:2023, which is a Technical Report, applies to electronic and electromechanical automotive circuit board assemblies and describes current best practices for dealing with electrochemical reactions like migration or corrosion and ionic contamination on the surface of a circuit board as one failure mode under humidity load. This document deals with the evaluation of materials and manufacturing processes for the manufacturing of electronic assemblies with focus on their reliability under humidity loads. The electrical operation of a device in a humid environment can trigger electrochemical reactions that can lead to short circuits and malfunctions on the assembly. In this context, a large number of terms and methods are mentioned, such as CAF (conductive anodic filament), anodic migration phenomena, dendrite growth, cathodic migration, ROSE (resistivity of solvent extract), ionic contamination, SIR (surface insulation resistance), impedance spectroscopy, etc., which are used and interpreted differently. The aim of the document is to achieve a uniform use of language and to list the possibilities and limitations of common measurement methods. The focus of the document is on the error pattern of electrochemical migration on the surface of assemblies with cathodic formation of dendrites.
Evaluation of different test methods of control units under high humidity load are not part of this document.

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