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IEC TS 63429:2023

Washing machines for household use - Method for measuring the microbiological performance


Kehtiv alates 19.09.2023
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IEC TS 63429:2023 provides a test method for measuring the microbial contamination reduction performance of household washing machines with textile pieces contaminated with test microorganisms under standardized conditions. The microbial numbers on the contaminated textile pieces are measured before and after the washing programme and the reduction is calculated. Furthermore, a potential cross contamination from contaminated to uncontaminated textile pieces within the washing programme is measured.
This document does not address the microbial contamination reduction due to any potential or claimed antimicrobial action of detergents as well as of bleach systems or any additives.
This document applies to washing machines for household use, within the meaning that the scope of TC 59 indicates for household use, including the washing related functions of washer-dryers.
This document does not apply to professional washing machines nor to commercial laundry operations associated with food service, hospital linens or other non-residential applications.
This document deals with measurement procedures regarding the reduction of microbial contamination resulting from the use of electrical appliances for household and similar use. This document specifies methods that enable reproducible measurements. These derived measurement results can only be used for a relative statement. Absolute statements, i.e., health-related claims or conclusions about prevention or treatment of a disease or health improvement, are reserved for explicit regulatory action after a medical assessment.
This document does not apply to appliances intended to be used in medical, veterinary, or pharmaceutical applications.
This document does not address sanitization, disinfection, or sterilization measures.

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