ISO 12312-3:2022

Eye and face protection — Sunglasses and related eyewear — Part 3: Sunglasses for running, cycling and similar active lifestyles

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This document is applicable to all nominally afocal (plano power) sunglasses for protection against environmental elements, such as solar radiation, wind, dust and rain when running, cycling and following similar active lifestyle recreational activities but not intended for competitive sporting activities where enhanced impact resistance is required. The document specifies additional material, design, performance and marking requirements. The other applicable requirements are given in ISO 12312‑1. This type of sunglass is designed to reduce secondary hazards to the wearer in an accident rather than to provide high amounts of impact protection which may be difficult in a spectacle format. This document is not applicable to: a) eyewear for protection against radiation from artificial light sources, such as those used in solaria; b) eye protectors intended for specific sports, e.g. ski goggles or other types – see ISO18527 (all parts); c) eye protectors for sports that include the use of a ball, stick, bat, racquet or other implement; d) sunglasses that have been medically prescribed for attenuating solar radiation; e) products intended for direct observation of the sun, such as for viewing a partial or annular solar eclipse, for which ISO12312-2 applies; f) products intended for occupational eye protection – for example, see ISO16321 (all parts).
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