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ISO 15259:2023

Air quality — Measurement of stationary source emissions — Requirements for measurement sections and sites and for the measurement objective, plan and report


Kehtiv alates 17.05.2023
Tegevusala (ICS grupid)
13.040.40 Püsiallikate heitmed
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This document specifies the following requirements:
a)    requirements for measurement sections and sites with respect to performing emission measurements;
b)    requirements for the measurement objective, plan and report of emission measurements of air pollutants and reference quantities to be carried out in waste gas ducts at industrial plants.
This document applies to periodic measurements using manual or automated reference methods (RM).
This document specifies generic principles which can be applied to perform emission measurements at different plant types and to meet different measurement objectives.
NOTE       The measurement objective is specified by the customer. The testing institute identifies the measurement objective and related regulatory requirements at the beginning of the measurement planning. Where measurements are being made for regulatory purposes, the customer should seek approval from the competent authority.
This document specifies procedures for taking representative samples in waste gas ducts.
This document specifies a procedure for finding the best available sampling point for automated measuring systems used for continuous monitoring of emissions.
The planning and reporting aspects of this document are applicable to emission measurements at diffusive and fugitive emission sources.
This document does not address aspects of structural safety of chimneys and ducts, construction of working platforms and safety of personnel using them.

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