ISO 17738-3:2019

Thermal insulation products -- Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) -- Part 3: Design requirements

Kehtiv alates 28.08.2019
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This document specifies the design requirements, selection and application of exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) for use by building designers, building code officials, product manufacturers and contractors in order to sustain the installed performance and durability of EIFS. NOTE This document does not address all aspects related to EIFS design, selection and use. A working knowledge of applicable regional building codes and regulations is helpful when working with this document. There could be other considerations for specific installations that are not addressed by this document. This document contains design requirements for the design and installation of an EIFS as a wall cladding system. The document includes selection of materials that meet the requirements of ISO 17738-1, and installation requirements in accordance with ISO 17738-2 and covers the interfaces between EIFS and other building assemblies and components. This document refers to adhesively fastened systems, although mechanical fastening could be required in specific circumstances (refer to Annex A). For information on EIFS resiliency, refer to Annex B. This document does not specify the structural design of the substrate to which the EIFS is attached, nor does it provide design requirements when the installation of EIFS uses mechanical fasteners. This document is applicable to new and retrofit EIFS installations.
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